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India Vajreshwari Hot Springs
I've made trip to India in March 2011 and decided to find a hot spring. I have had a raw expectation that it may not be a good idea given the fact that most of India rural areas aren't developed well. In the midst of searching in web, I came across one picture where bunch kids enjoying a hot spring in the middle of river and I decided to find out more about it. Unfortunately, no information was available but barely find out the area where the hot spring might be located - Vajreshwari Hot Springs.
I arrived in Mumbai during my 2 weeks of business trip and decided to visit the place during the weekend in between. Expect unexpected was the phrase came to mind and I hired a car (Suzuki) and driver who spoke good English to take me there. After few hours of winding and life threatening driving as usual in India, we finally reached at the village, after asking more than 10 people. When we finally got there, it was bit disappointment because surroundings and not so clean areas around the hot pool but that was expected. After a brief survey of the area then I decided to go back to car and change to swim suit. The surrounding wasn't clean but the hot spring and the tub itself was pretty clean due to the water activities I guess. At any rate, I've ventured all the way out here and won't go back in vain was my motivation. Met few Indian friends at the Koon. They were all friendly and well off guys who enjoys hot springs around the area. They were very interested about my experiences in other parts of the world hot springs such as Japan, California, and Europe.
Family bath time!!

After an hour at the first place, we took off to another place where it was a Hindu temple but with hot spring. The first tub was so hot (I'd say over 45C) unsinkable but next 2 tubs were much cooler so I've enjoyed the hot springs there. There were several people at the hot springs and they seems to know how to enjoy the hot spring.

 This is the hot one.... no one will go inside. There's overflow so the hot water gets cool off at the right hand side pool.

At the temple, one guy approached me saying he can take me to more hot springs so I hired him as guide then we followed him to the known unknowns. After a 20 mins walking, we've arrived at the river bank and an island like place was there and the guid said it's the hot spring. This will become an island with hot tub during the monsson time. I'm standing at the riverbed.

Locals who are going to other village and the white shirt guy is my guide. On the right side, sign says Agni Koon, the hot spring.

 When I arrived here, I saw a monk who's been enjoying the hot spring here. I didn't bother to take picture of him but it was nice to having a bath together with such spiritual guy... when I have no spirit :)

During the monsoon, the entire area will be submerged and only this place is above water thus and island. This place was the one I saw at the google image search where bunch kids were playing at island like hot spring. Finally found the place!! There were several hot springs there. One place was large enough for several people to enjoy together and other places were that big. After a brief stay there, we were heading to Agni Koon where supposely most famous amongst locals. I wasn't that impressed but the water quality was okay.

This is the Agni Koon but bit of disappointment. It could be a nice open air hot spring (rotemburo in Japanese) if and when locals make some minimal efforts to clean the area up and build a tub with rocks around. 

Our last stop was a resort where they have hotel and private thermals as well. Since I'm striving for natural hot springs, the resort wasn't intressed but nevertheless it was nice to know that they have a thermal resort. According to the guide, they have over 300 natural hot springs around the area. He was local guy so he should know. I asked him why local people don't clean the area up? Once cleaned, it could be a nice area for relax and relaxation for locals. His reply "Don't worry. When monsoon comes, all these will be cleaned up."
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